September Moly Doodlin’ So Far

In amongst the goodies I get for maintaining a Smithsonian membership is a little pocket calendar for 2010. Although intended for pocket or wallet, it ended up in my Moleskine, and set off a small flurry of goofy lookin’ doodles done while absorbing televised entertainment.

Lovin’ ABC’s Defying Gravity. Recording and reviewing like a proper fan should do, I paused it and did a quick ballpoint of Donner Maddux.

Sunday’s Chicago Tribune has a section inventively named “Sunday”, and there’s a 4-page insert in the middle of it chock full o’ puzzles (thumbs up on this). But the designers dug into their bag of 50s clipart and pulled out a Big-Boyesque character for the header. He decided to vamp it up for my little doodle…very trendy. The eyes required no modification…creepy enough thanks very much.

Finally, another quickie ballpoint for fast submission to the Monthly Sketch Project group.

Thanks for stopping by!

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