Sketch Dump

I was glued to the tube yesterday watching the inaugural events. I did this sketch from a photo of President Obama. I’m afraid I didn’t do his smile justice. It’s been great seeing so many sketches of our 44th president.

Went to church last weekend. That was the first time in a long time that I’d been to church for anything other than Christmas. I have plenty of faith, but I have not had much religion lately. However, more than religious trappings, I went to church for a feeling of community. Now that I’m working from home, I feel a bit disconnected. Still don’t miss the commute, however.

I took myself out for breakfast after church, and I drew the top of the building across the street from the restaurant while I waited for my food.

My hand just hanging out on the table in front of me. It was daring me to draw it. I mean come on, there it is…one sock-clad finger curl away from being a puppet, so you know it was daring me. I swear I didn’t imagine it.

My entry for the “draw a remote” Everyday Matters challenge. Have to go find out what number that was supposed to be. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I redesigned the remote a bit—streamlined it, and explored different button shapes and themes. Don’t know that I’d ever voluntarily press that “don’t play” button—doesn’t sound at all fun. On the other hand, there are some days when it’s difficult to get focused on work. Maybe it would come in handy on those occasions.

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  1. A suggestion if I may — how bout calling your sketch of 44 a caricature? ;-)Love the details in your hand sketch and the cupola (or whatever it\’s called) is very good, too!


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