Fun Day in Art

What a treat I had awaiting me in the snail box this evening. There was only one envelope, but it was fat with goodness. I fed the cat, fed me, changed into afterwork chillin’ clothes, and cracked open an envelope full of ATCs! The ATCs from the Everyday Matters group arrived today, and they are so beautiful!!!! I will take some snaps and post them eventually, but I think you, gentle reader, need to experience a little of the anticipation I felt. Then I will let you off the hook.

In the meantime, here’s Gimli preparing to pounce on my toes.

No wait, that wasn’t what I wanted to show you. Now what was it again? Hmmm…let me see…oh yes. I’ve begun a new project. Hitched myself to a group of very talented artists in a Moleskine Exchange (the 42nd such group conceived).

Now, here’s the concept. We each purchase a Japanese Album fold Moleskin. In that Moleskine we create a piece of art covering several of the accordion-folded pages, and then we mail it off to the next person in our rotation. That person creates a piece of art on the next few pages, and ties it into the original art. Then they ship it to the next person in the rotation. Step. Repeat. Step. Repeat. Until, voila, your Moleskine returns to you filled with the creative brilliance of everyone in the group.

The Moleskine can be assigned a theme, or it can be a free-for-all of art. Whatever you choose. Great idea, no?

So this past weekend, I managed to create the sign-in spreads in a couple of Moleskines. Why are there two, you ask? Because I’m going to send one off on its round-the-world voyage (which really will be around the world), and the other will remain here with me. The one that stays will get copies of all the art I do in everyone else’s Moleskine—at least I hope so. I guarantee I’ll do theirs, and hopefully I’ll do mine too.

Each person gets a month with a Moleskine before they need to send it on its merry way.

In the back I’ve written out my address, so it will eventually return to me, and I’ve asked each of the participants to include a little something from their countries. There are 10 participants in our group. Four are from the U.S., two from the U.K., one from the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and I’m not sure who I’m missing. Anyway, this sucker’s gonna travel—I wish I could go with it!

You can follow along on the progress at our group blog:

By the time it returns, I’ll no longer be contemplating a blank page, I’ll be savoring the turn of each folio.

Thanks for stopping by!

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