Figure Drawing 9-25-07

The results of last night’s figure drawing session are below. There are elements of each that I’m please with, and elements I of each I don’t like. Ah well, it’s why we practice.

I arrived at the session late (because I wasn’t able to hop an early train out of the city), so this pose was already under way when I sat down. Normally, figure drawing sessions start with a couple of short (1 or 2 minute poses) so you can loosen up an toss lines down on the page to warm up a bit. I walked in on a 10 minute pose. You can see I was dissatisfied with the way the hand turned out. I started to rework it in the corner, but the timer went off.

A decision has been made—I’m going to own up to the flubs. When I started this pose, I’d determined I would jump in at the deep end (hands are always a challenge). This is as far as I got before it felt wrong, and I realized the scale was going to take me right off the edges of the page. One of the other artists in the group makes a ritual out of telling me I should work bigger (on bigger paper). This hand would have worked better on larger paper, and I might have persisted.

This is the same pose, and you can see which hand I started with (and didn’t finish in this one). I’m quite pleased with his left arm and his right leg here, but the right arm and left leg got a little wonky. The proportions of the torso aren’t too bad, but the actual shape is not quite right.

Look! He’s got Abe Lincoln’s chin! Argh!

The last sketch of the evening, and I let loose with the charcoal. It was a short pose—just 10 minutes—so I got messy.

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